Congress should throw out Gandhi family, make Nitish Kumar its president, says noted historian


India’s famous historian and biographer Ramachandra Guha has suggested that the Congress should get rid of the Gandhi family and make Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar sits president if the party is to be saved.

“Nobody has got any doubts that the Congress is not going to rise again any time soon. Two years (to the 2019 parliamentary election) is a long time in politics. If you get away with the Gandhi family in the leadership and if the Congress has a new leader, things can change,’’ Guha said in a conversation with NDTV’s Brkha Dutt at the tenth anniversary of the release of his book India `After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy’.

Guha said the Congress has little future with the Gandhi family at the helm. “There is a genuine leader in India. That is Nitish Kumar. He is a leader without a party, the Congress is a party without a leader. If Congress gives him a chance to lead the UPA, it might have a future,’’ the noted historian said.

Comparing Nitish Kumar with Modi, Guha said the tow men have no ‘family burden.’ But Nitish is not a ‘megalomaniac’, like Modi, he suggested. Guha said single-party dominance was not good for Indian democracy, citing how the dominance of Congress for a long time made Jawaharlal Nehru unpersuasive and Indira Gandhi more authoritative. He said he feared the same thing happening under the BJP dominated by Modi and Amit Shah.

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