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Brampton is much more than a desi town

Having lived in Chandigarh in India during my early childhood, I find many similarities between that city and Brampton where I live now. Both are new cities developing at a very fast pace.

While Chandigarh is adored by the world, Brampton somehow attracts scepticism at times. In fact, prior to shifting to Brampton from Mississauga, I had heard a whole of lot of negative comments or phrases about Brampton. I am sharing some of these with you:

  • Brampton is a desi town
  • Brampton is a ghetto of South Asians
  • Brampton is full of drugs
  • Brampton youth are into gang wars
  • There are insurance frauds in Brampton
  • There is no dress sense and traffic sense in Brampton

Schools in Brampton are no good since peers are all brats and speak Punjabi, only FOB’s live in Brampton etc., etc.

But despite all this, we decided to move to Brampton – partially due to economic factors and partially to remain equally close to our relatives in both cities.

Having lived here for over a year now, I have found many positives about this town even though some of the above comments about it may also be true.

One, new Immigrants find Brampton more friendly. Two, you can get more Indian-favoured vegetables, groceries, sweets, spices than you get back in India. Three, the food is way cheaper due to heavy competition. In fact, many typical foods favoured by the white people have been modified to cater to Indians – such as Adrak Pizza, etc. Four, there are many success stories in our community, with people excelling in education, politics, businesses, media, manufacturing and many other fields. Fifth, everything from houses to roads to malls to shopping centres to theatres is new and looks new. All in all, Brampton is a vibrant and truly multicultural town and it will become an example for Canada in the years to come.

Moreover, the city, which was once known as “The Flower Town of Canada” because of its large greenhouse industry, today has major thriving economic sectors, including advanced manufacturing, retail administration and logistics, information and communication technologies, food and beverage, life sciences and business services.

And with a population of 593,638 as per the 2016 Census, Brampton has also become Canada’s ninth most populous municipality and the third most populous city in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region, behind Toronto and Mississauga.

Thus Brampton has so many positive things going for it and we should be proud of it. And as this city is increasingly becoming the town for Punjabis, it is our bounden duty to work consciously towards improving its image.

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