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Indians positive, Canadians negative about Trump: Survey

TORONTO: Under President Donald Trump, Indians view the US very positively but Canadians think unfavourably of America.

A latest survey of 37 countries by Pew Research shows that 40 percent Indians view the US positively under President Trump. Only 9 percent Indians think negatively of the US even as 42 percent express no opinion.

However, 51 per cent Canadians think negatively of the US under President Trump while about 43 percent view
their neighbour to the South positively.

The Canadian antipathy towards the US is the deepest in almost 35 years and it has all to do with President Trump.
Even under President George W. Bush, who was very unpopular in Canada, 55 percent Canadians thought positively
about the US.

But when it comes to the American people, 65 percent Canadians think positively of them. About 56 percent Indians also view the American people positively.

Interestingly, it is Sweden where 80 people think positively of the American people but only 10 percent approve of
President Trump.

Muslim countries Jordan (82 percent) and Turkey (79 percent) rank the highest in their dislike for the US under
President Trump.

At 84 percent, Vietnam is the country where the US is most liked under President Trump. Over 81 percent Israelis also view the US positively under Trump.

In Mexico with which Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration, 95 percent people think negatively
of the US and 90 percent Mexicans want no wall. As for Trump as a person, the survey shows that 92 per cent people think he is arrogant, 78 per cent think he is intolerant, and 72 per cent perceive him to be dangerous.

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