Amritdhari Sikh youth died due to overdose of drugs

Parvasi Media Group
Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab),  Jan 5: An Indian Amritdhari Sikh named, Surjit Singh died due to the overdose of drugs. He was addicted to drinking from last 4 months but he never took any drugs as per the reports. His brother Jot Singh stated that one of the boys from the same village whose nickname is Sunny called him and Surjit Singh went to see him but after that, he never came back to home. When his parents tried to look after him after evening they found Surjit Singh dead at around 10:00 pm on that place because of high dosage of drugs injection and his mouth was bleeding. Sunny got arrested on charges and from police and they are continuously investigating from him and soon they will be on the right decision. 

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