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Recognizing Sikhs for their valuable contributions to US, Indiana Govt passes Sikh Resolution

Indianapolis, February 28, 2018: Sikh Community  got yet another big recognition as the Indiana House of Representatives passed a  Sikh Resolution  recognizing Sikhs for their valuable contributions to United States of America at the Indiana State House, Downtown, here on Tuesday

Earlier on February 19, Indiana Senate  had introduced a Sikh Resolution  recognizing Sikhs and their contributions to America past and present. The resolution was adopted by voice vote.

State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Beech Grove) said “Indiana is home to a large and thriving Sikh Community. As owners and operators of businesses, Sikhs play a vital role in the state’s economy, providing jobs, services and goods to Hoosiers. They are also deeply involved in philanthropic and civic activities that make Indiana more vibrant and stronger. I look forward to fostering relationships with the Sikh community as our state continues to grow.”

On vital contributions by the Sikhs for Indiana and the country, House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) said “Indian’s growing Sikh community continues to make tremendous contributions to our state, and it’s an honor to formally recognize them  and their efforts today at the Statehouse. Thousands of Sikhs call Indiana home, which adds to our state’s vibrancy and diversity which strengthening our economic engine.”

Speaking on the occasion today, Sikhs Political Action Committee founder president Gurinder Singh Khalsa, who also said Sikh prayer in the House of Representatives,  thanked Honorable Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, Majority Leader Kathy Richardson, Minority Leader Terry Goodin and all representatives of the House for inviting the Sikh community to join for the invocation.

“On behalf of the Sikh Community of Indiana, I am also thankful to Representative Cindy Kirchhofer for introducing the histrock House Resolution recognizing  the contributions of Sikhs in the state of India and nationwide,” said Indian-American Sikh leader Gurinder Singh Khalsa.

There are approximately 700,000 Sikhs in United States and an estimated 10,000 living in Indiana. The Sikhs have been living in USA for 125 years and in Indiana for over 50 years. The Resolution reads ” Sikhs are one of the fastest growing business communities in Indiana which is home of 3500 Sikh-owned businesses, including gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants.”

Sikhs in USA pursue diverse professions and walks of life, making rich contributions to economic vibrancy of the United States as farmers, engineers, doctors, scientists and business owners.

Members of the Sikh community were carrying a banner which read” Sikh community loves Indiana.”

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