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Rape is a political issue, will raise it: Rahul

Bengaluru, May 10 (IANS) Countering Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said incidents of rape should not be politicised, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said rapes are a political issue and his party would continue to raise them.

Commenting on Modi questioning the Congress for politicising rapes by holding a candle light march, Gandhi said: “Excuse me, atrocities against women, rapes are political issues. Who says it is not a political issue. It is absolutely a national issue.”

“Are you telling me that if India’s women are raped, politicians should not discuss it? It is an issue that is fundamental,” he said during a press briefing here and added that the Congress will keep on raising them.

“The treatment of our women is absolutely an issue. Modi likes to discuss things like sea planes, which is a political issue, I guess… bullet trains.”

Gandhi said Modi is raking up such issues as he doesn’t like to discuss the fundamental issues in Karnataka.

“What are the issues in Karnataka? They are pretty simple. Helping the farmers — we have given Rs 8,000 crore to the farmers. How much money has the Prime Minister given to the farmers of India and that of Karnataka. I want to ask that question.

“He gives Rs 250,000 crore to the richest 15 people in this country. How much has the Prime Minister given (to the farmers)… zero.”

Accusing Modi of not giving “even one rupee” in debt waiver to the farmers, he said: “This is something to be ashamed of. That is another political issue. But Modi doesn’t like to raise it.”

Attacking the Prime Minister on corruption, Gandhi said it’s a fundamental political issue.

“Our Prime Minister comes and says he fights corruption. Well on his stage is Mr (B.S.) Yeddyurappa, his Chief Ministerial candidate, who has spent time in jail for corruption and stealing from the people of Karnataka.”

“On the other side Reddy brothers, who stole as much money from Karnataka as the Congress party gave for MGNREGA — Rs 35,000 crore. They have stolen this much money from your pockets and fleeced you,” he added.

He said Modi should answer why in none of his speeches does he talk about the eight seats he has given to the Reddy brothers.

“Why he doesn’t explain to the people as to why the CBI has become the Central Bureau of Illegal Mining and is being used to protect these people. These are the issues.”

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