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Teenage birthday party into a nightmare

It was four young teenage girls out enjoying a birthday party along The Danforth Sunday night. One is said to be in a medically induced coma. Another is said to have had multiple surgeries after being shot in the back and may never walk again. A third is in hospital but there has been no contact and medical update.

The fourth was Reese Fallon. She was shot dead by 29-year-old gunman Faisal Hussain. She was one of the two people who died in this disgusting event. The other was ten-year-old Julianna Kozis.

But there is little known about all of the wounded in this twisted ambush — 13 people still recovering are facing life-changing injuries. Some remain in hospital and some have been released.

There seems to be many who have compassion for the shooter. A prepared statement claims Hussain suffered from mental health issues, and they will as well when they see and hear the trauma these victims endured. We have heard about Hussain’s million-dollar smile and kindness with friends and neighbours.

Police sources say  someone close to the shooter, known to frequent his 7th floor Thorncliffe  apartment, was “known to police” and was investigated for weapons possession and narcotics trafficking.

Other sources tell me forensic teams found “a lot of ammunition” for an AK-47 assault rifle.

Also taken removed from the apartment was a computer “which has not yet been taken on a deep dive to see what was on there but soon will be.”

Whether Hussain was a “radicalized sympathizer of ISIS” as someone who dealt with him claims he boasted, or suffering from health woes, one thing is for sure.


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