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Woman Complained Of Back Pain, Doctors Found Almost 3,000 Kidney Stones

When a 56-year-old woman recently went to a hospital complaining of back pain and fevers, doctors were
shocked to discover her right kidney was full of stones – almost 3,000 stones, to be precise. The incident
took place at the Wujin hospital in Changzhou, in the Jiangsu province of China. According to
the Shanghaiist , the woman, identified only by her surname Zhang, complained of persistent back pain
over the last week. Upon examination, doctors discovered her right kidney was full of kidney stones.
According to theModern Express, doctors were able to successfully perform a surgery to remove the
kidney stones. After that, it took nearly one hour for a trainee to count the number of stones – and the total
was a shocking 2,980 kidney stones.
Ms Zhang, who has had kidney stones for years, reportedly could not believe the high number.
According toGuinness World Records, the most number of kidney stones ever removed from a patient is
1,72,155 from Dhanraj Wadile in Maharashtra, India.

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