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Woman has finger ripped off at West Edmonton Mall waterslide


SASKATOON — A Saskatchewan woman says she lost a finger after her ring got caught on a waterslide at one of the largest malls in North America.

Claire Clark was celebrating her granddaughter’s third birthday at West Edmonton Mall’s water park on Aug. 5 when Clark decided to take a ride on a slide called the Corkscrew.

She says she was grabbing onto a thin piece of mesh and foam padding at the top to push herself down when her ring got caught.

Clark says skin on her right ring finger was ripped at the first knuckle and there was only bone on the rest of the finger.

A plastic surgeon at the University of Alberta hospital told her that there was nothing left to sew the finger back into and it had to be amputated.

Clark says people who are wearing jewelry should be told to take it off before they go down the waterslides.

The Canadian Press

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