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1 Dead, 300 Injured In Stone Throwing “Gotmar” Festival In Madhya Pradesh


One person was killed and nearly 300 people were injured, 15 of them seriously, during the annual “Gotmar” (stone-throwing) festival at Pandhurna in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district Monday.

During the annual Gotmar festival, people of Sawargaon and Pandhurna gather on either side of Jaam River and, while throwing stones, race to snatch a flag hoisted on top of a dead tree situated in the middle of the river.

The tradition is said to have started around 300 years ago when a boy from Pandhurna abducted a girl from Sawargaon.

The couple, facing a volley of stones while crossing the river, reached Pandhurna safely due to help from the villagers, according to folklore in the region.

Collector Ved Prakash Sharma and Superintendent of Police Atul Singh told reporters Monday that one person, identified as Shankar Bhalavi, 28, died on the spot after being hit in the stomach by stones.

He was a resident of Belgaon village, the officials added

Earlier, one person had died during this festival in 2011, officials said

News credit-ndtv

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