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Ousted Tory MLA borrows play from Bernier, takes reins of new Manitoba party


OTTAWA — A Manitoba MLA and former federal cabinet minister is taking a page from Maxime Bernier’s playbook and becoming the leader of a new party.

Steven Fletcher is planning to take over the leadership of The Manitoba Party after finding himself on the outs with the federal and provincial Tories.

Fletcher says he considered joining Bernier’s promised party when the maverick Quebec MP left the federal Conservatives last month, but instead hopes the Manitoba party may one day become the provincial sister to Bernier’s political movement.

Fletcher is vowing to run a “serious” party with candidates in all 57 Manitoba ridings in the 2020 provincial election.

Various groups have used The Manitoba Party moniker in past elections, but Fletcher says no one previously active in the party is still involved in its operations.

Elections Manitoba confirms a change of leadership at the party even though party board members say they didn’t know of Fletcher’s plans.

News Credit-The Canadian Press

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