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PM Modi Writes To Gujarat Couple Who Designed Rafale Themed Wedding Card

NEW DELHI: The Gujarat couple who designed a Rafale themed wedding invitation has earned praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their wedding invitation card has a footer saying the only gift they expect for the wedding are their guests’ vote for the BJP in the upcoming elections and a monetary contribution for the saffron cause on the party app.
In a letter sent to the Surat-based couple – Yuvraj Pokharna and bride-to-be Sakshi Agrawal – PM Modi described the content of the card as “ingenious” and asserted that it had inspired him to work even harder for the country.

The couple is getting married on January 22.

Talking to the media the soon-to-be groom said he received the prime minister’s letter, which is addressed to his mother, on January 17 through e-mail.

“Heartiest Congratulations to Pokharna family on the joyous occasion of the marriage of Yuvraj and Sakshi. I noticed a unique feature of the marriage invitation card sent to the guests. The ingenuity of its content reflects your abiding concern and love for the nation. This also inspires me to keep working harder for our country,” read the letter signed and sent by PM Modi.

PM Modi wished the couple and blessed them to have “a happy and prosperous life.”

The wedding card also has a detailed analysis of the Rafale deal, headlined “Keep calm and trust NAMO” and flanked on both sides by intimidating images of the fighter jet.

The text that follows starts with the line “Even a fool will not compare prices of a simple flyaway aircraft with a weaponised jet”, before going on to provide a jumble of numbers and words aimed at defending the Modi government’s version of the deal. It also gives reasons for Reliance Defence being chosen for the offset contract, the cancellation of an earlier deal fixed by the United Progressive Alliance, and why a joint parliamentary committee cannot be allowed to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Talking to reporters, Mr Pokharna said he was extremely happy that PM Modi noticed the gesture and showered praises and said the contents of the card “would clear people’s doubt about the Rafale deal”.

Bride-to-be Sakshi Agarwal said the intention was to make women, especially housewives, aware about the deal in which the opposition Congress has alleged irregularities, a charge stoutly denied by the BJP and the Modi government.

This is the second time PM Modi has featured in a couple’s wedding plans. Earlier this year, Dhaval and Jaya — also from Surat — sought a similar gift in their card.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the Narendra Modi government of inflating the price of the aircraft deal, demanding that it produce the financial details in this regard. However, the defence ministry has refused to do so on the grounds that such an action would “compromise national security”.

News Credit – NDTV

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