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Chennai Engineering Grad Applying For A Sweeper Job

23-year-old Dhansingh Arul, a first class Electrical Engineering graduate has applied for the job of a
sweeper at the Tamil Nadu assembly. The engineering graduate, daily wage labourer in Tuticorin,
has been without a job for four months now. He told NDTV”I am not getting any job. Though I’m an
Engineer I can be a Sweeper also when there is no job. That’s why I applied”
Dhanasingh is not alone. Among the around 4,000 youngsters who have applied for the 14 jobs of
sweeper and sanitary workers, around a hundred are highly qualified young men and women
candidates with MBA, MCA, B Tech,  M Com, B Com, BBA and M Phil from across Tamil Nadu.
At his shared space with a few other students on the city outskirts, Dhansingh is seen desperately
applying for jobs on his government given laptop. He doesn’t have money for internet. His friends
help him with portable hotspot. He doesn’t have a smart phone. Even his old basic phone has no
balance to make calls.
Experts say only 20 per cent of graduates are employable and they blame it on the state churning
out unskilled and unemployable graduates from its hundreds of engineering colleges, particularly
those in Tier II and Tier III cities. Joshua Madan, CEO of Covenant Group, says,”Unemployment is
basically due to lack of quality education in our state. The curriculum mostly are not industry
designed which results in lack of technical and communication skills.”

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