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Mayawati “Unfit For Public Life”: Arun Jaitley After Attack On PM Modi

LUCKNOW:  Accused by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “shedding crocodile tears” over the Alwar gang-rape, Mayawati today let loose a vitriolic attack on the PM, accusing him of “dramebaazi (playacting) with his love for Dalits” and also taunting him on his wife.

“Yesterday PM Modi, in his election rallies here, did dramebaazi of his love for Dalits to draw Dalits but he will gain nothing from this…He was silent on the oppression of Dalits. He is trying to play dirty politics over it,” the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader said today.

“How can he respect others’ sisters and wives when he has left his own wife for political gains? It is my special appeal to women of this country not to vote a person like this. PM Modi, in this election, kept changing his caste according to the situation.”

Mayawati’s comments invited a strong reaction from Union Minister Arun Jaitley who tweeted: “Behan Mayawati – She is firm on becoming a Prime Minister. Her governance, ethics and discourse stoops to an all-time low.  Her personal attack today on the Prime Minister exposes her as unfit for public life.”

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