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In Canada for higher education? Here are some tips to help you survive student life, and thrive at it.

As a college or university student, it’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed when you’ve made that journey away from home. It might be your first year of post-secondary and you’re moving to a new, unfamiliar place, starting to live on campus. Or you’re a grad student renting an apartment with someone you may or may not know. Regardless of your situation, there are essential survival tips that can help you get through these exciting, yet challenging, times and to help you successfully manage school, work, life and everything in between:

Put education first: It might seem obvious to prioritize education above all else, but it can be easy for your focus to shift as you juggle your schooling. It’s important to continuously check in and remember that your time should be dedicated to your future career path. Time management and prioritization will not only get you through your student years but these transferable skills will serve you well throughout your career and your life.

Stick to a budget: Student life comes with several big expenses – and all at once. Tuition, rent, books, etc. add up quickly, which often means taking on debt and managing payments. As an international student getting used to Canadian currency, budgeting and figuring out how much things cost can also be a challenge. It’s important to know and understand your budget prior to starting school so you can rework your personal finances to suit your new student lifestyle.

Create a support system: While it’s important to make new friends, it’s a good idea to keep existing friends and family close. Those who’ve known you for years are great resources to lean on if you feel stressed. The balance of major milestones and prioritizing school can be especially challenging as an international student as you’re are also learning the way of life in Canada. Regular phone calls, video chats and checking in with family and friends back home can help you cope through all the change and challenges that this new life will bring.

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