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Pilot Rescued After Plane Gets Entangled In High-Voltage Power Lines

Daily Mail

A pilot was rescued in Minnesota when his plane crashed and got entangled in high-voltage power lines. The single engine plane was flying near Shakopee on Saturday afternoon when it “hit a cluster of power lines and became suspended on a guideline, upside down,” a news release from the Scott County Sheriff’s Office said.

The pilot of the plane was identified as 65-year-old Thomas Koskovich, who was the only occupant of the aircraft when the crash occurred. Mr Koskovich was rescued from his dangling plane after the power line was de-energized. Along with police officers, a team from Shakopee Fire Department, Allina Ambulance, Minnesota State Patrol, Minnesota Valley Electric Company, and Xcel Energy Company worked to rescue Mr Koskovich.

He was miraculously able to walk away from the accident without any injuries.

Photos shared by Scott County Sheriff’s Office show the small plane dangling upside down from overhead cables as rescuers work.

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