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Holiday Parties – Epic Responsibility for Epic Celebrations

As the holiday season rolls in, so do the annual and often legendary company holiday parties and corporate events.

Designed for the purpose of thanking employees for their hard work in the past year, these company parties are often a great opportunity for staff to relax informally and to celebrate past year’s efforts with coworkers. We at Peel Regional Police understand that and enjoy these holiday occasions ourselves.

The corporate events are also a means for employers to motivate and rejuvenate employee performance as an investment into the next year. Networking and career planning strategy dialogue is commonplace on these occasions. We have had great networking and team-building events of our own as well.

The fact, however, remains that no matter which direction the festivities take you, an irresponsible inebriant approach to the consumption of alcoholic beverages can really take the jubilance of the events to a calamity.

In other words, if you will be drinking or consuming cannabis at the party, for the sake of community safety as well as your own, please don’t drive under the influence.

Be the responsible person we know you can be and plan ahead.

1. Arrange a designated driver
2. Book a car (taxi, rideshare, limo, Uber)
3. Book accommodations at the event if it is an option

Choosing to drive under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or any other drug has often dire consequences. Please take a moment to refresh your knowledge about the criminal offenses associated with Impaired Driving by referring to the link in our Road Safety web page.

Let us make the upcoming holiday a jolly and successful one by making the best decisions.

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