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Alectra Utilities warning Mississauga and Brampton customers of ‘sophisticated’ phone scams

Fraudsters asking customers to pay bills over the phone


Alectra Utilities are warning customers to be vigilant as they are noticing a rise in fraudulent phone scams. – Picture credit -Torstar file photo

Alectra Utilities is warning customers to be vigilant as they are experiencing an increased number of what they’re calling “sophisticated” phone scams.

According to the company, fraudsters posing as Alectra staff are calling customers and asking them to pay their bills over the phone immediately.

They also said the fraudsters are threatening disconnection if payment is not received.

Alectra warns customers that if they receive calls requesting immediate payment, to hang up and call the company directly.

Customers are reminded to never make a payment for a charge that doesn’t appear on their bills and to not provide private information about their accounts over the phone.

If customers are concerned about fraudulent calls or charges, they are asked to contact Alectra’s customer call line at 905-273-7425.

Incidents of fraud can be reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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