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Study finds B.C. logging continues on critical caribou habitat

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A newly published study says logging in British Columbia has continued on more than 900 square kilometres of land listed as critical caribou habitat.

Researchers argue that points to Canada’s ongoing failure to protect habitat for endangered species.

The study, published in Conservation Science and Practice, looked at areas crucial to the survival of more than a dozen herds of southern mountain caribou in B.C.

The federal government has previously found many of those herds are in immediate danger of disappearing altogether.

Researchers found B.C.’s provincial regulations have allowed logging to continue on 909 square kilometres of the critical habitat.

Lead author Eric Palm of the University of Montana says it’s an example of how federal efforts to protect endangered species break down at the provincial level.

Previous studies have repeatedly found that being on Ottawa’s endangered species makes no difference to how that species fares.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 29, 2020


The Canadian Press

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