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Cancel Exams, Demand Rajasthan Students

New Delhi:

Students of colleges and universities across Rajasthan are demanding that their final-year exams be cancelled. They have been writing posts tagged with #promote_all_college_students on social media to pressure the Rajasthan Government into promoting students. The Maharashtra Government as well as some Indian Institutes of Technology, or IITs, have already done so. The Rajasthan Government had already cancelled exams for first and second-year students on June 3 and announced they would be promoted on the basis of their performance in previous semesters.

An appeal circulated in the name of all students of Rajasthan, says: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students campaigned on social media to promote college and university students of Rajasthan but even then, in the meeting held on June 2, the government did not take a favourable decision so the students are protesting against this decision. We also appeal to the Rajasthan Higher Education Minister to consider our demands”

However, there has been no announcement on final-semester exams from the Rajasthan Government yet.

Cancel Exams

The students have three demands from the government. One, all students of Rajasthan “be promoted without exam as per the guidelines of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Delhi University and University Grants Commission (UGC) in which students are marked by taking 50% marks from the past semester and 50% internal assessment marks”. Two, universities and colleges should be sanitized before the semesters begin. And three, to waive the monthly rent of all students who are living on rent.

Students said that most of them went home without taking all the syllabus with them and that the universities did nothing to provide syllabi online. Due to this reason, students have not been able to study since May 2, they said. Students also said that, at present, there are no facilities for students to come to the cities as there is no transportation available for the students.

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