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Couple Finds Giant Spider On Their Window. It’s The Stuff Of Nightmares

A nightmare-inducing photograph that is going viral on social media shows a gigantic spider outside a home in Texas. Teouna Thomas and her husband Ken found the unwelcome guest outside their San Antonio apartment on June 19.

“We were horrified!” said Ms Thomas to news website KKTV. “We’ve never seen any spider this huge in our lives!”

The Thomases wanted to get rid of the spider, but were worried about it attacking their 12-week-old puppy. “I thought the spider was going to jump on him and bite him,” Teouna Thomas said. “We didn’t know if it was poison or not, so we opened to door and let him in as my husband went out.”

Once outside, Mr Thomas put a container beneath the spider while his wife banged on the patio window it was hanging from. “When he put the container against the door, I hit the window on the opposite side, and it jumped in,” she said.

Ms Thomas also posted a photograph of the massive arachnid on Facebook, where it can gone viral with over a thousand ‘shares’ and more than 700 horrified comments.

“Burn that house down to the ground,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“It’s the 2020 mascot if I’m not mistaken,” another joked.

According to KSAT News, the San Antonio Zoo identified the huge spider as a Texas Tan Tarantula, a species that is common in the US state. The species is one of the largest tarantulas found in the United States, and can grow up to six inches.

The Thomases later called their apartment complex office to pick the spider up and find it a new home.

This is not the first time that horrifying pictures of a giant spider have gone viral on social media. Last year, an enormous huntsman spider was photographed eating a possum in Australia.

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