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PM Modi Quotes From Tamil Classic Again, Now For Soldiers In Ladakh

Nimu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the Indian troops during his visit to the forward post at Nimu in Ladakh, Friday, July 3, 2020. (PIB/PTI Photo) (PTI03-07-2020_000221B)
Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday quoted from Tamil classic ”Tirukkural” to reinforce that Indian armed forces have always followed the time honoured traditions of valour and honour.

Addressing troops during a surprise visit to Ladakh, PM Modi quoted saint poet Tiruvalluvar’s couplet “Maramanam manda vazhichelavu thetram yena nangey yemam padaikku.”

“That is, the tradition and credibility of valour, honour, dignified behavior, these four qualities are the reflection of the army of any country. Indian forces have always followed this path,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister has quoted from the ”Tirukkural”, which offers guidance to people from all walks of life, on earlier occasions too.

The verses quoted by him today are from the 766th couplet under the chapter ”Padadi Matchi” which means thedignity and honour of the armed forces.

Tirukkural is a revered classic work in Tamil and the ancient treatise deals with several subjects.

In his Independence Day address last year, while speaking on ”Jal-Jeevan” Mission, he had quoted another couplet “Neer indri Amayadhu” to underscore the importance of water.

PM Modi, explaining this verse had said, “…if water starts disappearing, then nature’s processes get disrupted and eventually come to an end. This initiates the process of total destruction.”

Also, during his visit to Thailand last year, he cited the “Talatri tanda” couplet on the importance of helping people using wealth and said India and Indians took inspiration from it.

He had released the Thai version of the ”Tirukkural” also during his visit.

Years ago, the Prime Minister had also launched the Gujarati translation of the treatise.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly last year, he quoted Tamil poet Kaniyan Poongundranar’s famous phrase, “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir.”

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