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PM Modi Address Nation Through Mann Ki Baat: Highlights

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat. Earlier on July 11, PM Modi had tweeted, “I am sure you would be aware of inspiring anecdotes of how collective efforts have brought about positive changes. You would surely know of initiatives that have transformed many lives. Please share them for this month”s #MannKiBaat, which will take place on the 26th!”
In his last Mann Ki Baat address, PM Modi on June 28 had said that there could be any number of challenges but our country’s history shows that it [India] has always overcome them.

Speaking at the 66th edition of his monthly radio programme, PM Modi had said, “There could be any number of challenges but our history shows that we have always overcome them. We have emerged stronger after challenges.”

Here are the highlights on Mann Ki Baat:

21 years ago on this our army won the Kargil war. India was then trying to have cordial relations with Pakistan but they had tried to backstab India in reply to India’s friendship.
Thanks to the courage of our armed forces, India showed great strength in Kargil.
What Atal Bihari Vajpayee said from Lal Qila (Red Fort) during Kargil is even relevant today. He had said about (Mahatma) Gandhi Ji’s learning: “Whenever you have doubt on your decision, think if it will help the poorest and helpless person of the nation”
In today’s time, war is not only fought on the border. There are many wars we fight inside the nation. we have to be together in these battles.
The way we have fought coronavirus is really appreciable. Our recovery rate is much higher than other countries. Our fatality rate is much less than most other countries. We able to save the lives of lakhs of people, but the threat of Coronavirus is not over yet. We have to remember that coronavirus is still as dangerous as it was in the beginning.
We should take all precautions against coronavirus. Social distancing, wearing masks are necessary for our fight against the virus. Just think about doctors who are fighting the battle against the virus wearing these masks for hours.
In Kashmir’s Anantnag, Sarpanch Mohammad Iqbal needed a sprayer machine but was costing around Rs 6,00,000. Mr Iqbal tried himself and built the machine in only Rs 50,000.
Many farmers are farming dragon fruit in Kutch. Many people feel surprised. Kutch and dragon fruit! These farmers are trying that we do not need to import the dragon fruit! “Yahi to atmanirbahrata ki Baat hai (this is what is called being self-sufficient)”.
Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated is a few days. Many people are being vocal for local. I extend my advance wishes on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
Our country is transforming. There was a time when sports saw representation from big cities, big families, big institutions. But today, youth from villages are coming up and taking up the challenge despite all odds.

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