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Zebra Robotics offers virtual and In-Person classes for kids

Zebra Robotics is known for its excellent training for students in the field of robotics and coding. Since opening in 2014, its services have been providing kids from grades 2 to 12 with an innovative approach to STEM education in an encouraging environment.

Currently, students can enroll in online or in-person coding and robotics classes that consist of groups in five or six with one instructor. “As soon as we learned schools were going to be closed, we didn’t want to skip a beat. Right away we sprung to action, and the following week we launched our online courses,” says Zebra Robotics founder, Satish Thiyagarajan. Between April and August, over 2000 student hour coding sessions have been conducted.

Students can enroll in one or both sets of programs offered. The first is coding courses that begin from block-based coding where they will learn about drag and drop coding concepts. More popular for children in middle school and high school are the programing language courses that are used in the STEM industry, this includes Java and Python. Students attend online sessions once or twice a week until they complete the course in a few months.

“Apart from coding programs, we offer classes in robotics. Students are taught how to build and program robots,” says Thiyagarajan. “Our virtual robotics classes are more visual rather than text-based. Some are game-based or have graphical block-based interfaces. These are the most popular for younger students because of the vivid colours and interactive features,” Thiyagarajan continues. “They are learning while playing and can share what they’ve created with friends and family. This style of learning is great for beginner students interested in coding.”

Classes are for once or twice a day per week, depending on the course, age of the student and choice of the parent. “At Zebra Robotics we are big into competitions,” says Thiyagarajan. “Many of our students have competed in robotics leagues at the regional and provincial levels. We have also represented Canada in international leagues.”


To learn more about Zebra Robotics or to enroll in a virtual class or in-person coding or robotics class visit

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