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10 Winter Superfoods Suggested By Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar For Immunity, Skin And Overall Health

Winter Diet: Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests 10 winter superfoods that you must include in your diet. Here they are –

1. Bajra

Also known as pearl millet, bajra is a versatile food rich in fibre and vitamin B. It promotes muscle gain and helps you get dense, frizz-free hair with great volume. It is a heating grain so should be had in winters only. Make bhakri, laddookhichdi, bhajani, thalipeeth etc. with bajra.

2. Goond

This is a kind of raisin that helps lubricate joints, soothe digestion and strengthen bones, along with managing menstrual problems and gas issues. You can turn goond into laddoo or goond paani by roasting in ghee and sprinkling with sugar.

3. Green Vegetables

Winter produce abounds with  green vegetables. Include palak, methi, sarson, pudina and, especially green lasun in your diet. Green lasun is anti-inflammatory – it boosts immunity and alleviates burning sensation in hands and feet.

4. Kand And Root Vegetables

Include all kinds of root vegetables in your diet, especially during fasting season. Kand is a must-have vegetable, which is rich in fibre, good bacteria, and promotes weight loss and eye health. You can make tikkis, sabzis, specialty dishes like undhiyo, or simply roast and eat with seasoning of salt and chilli powder.

5. Seasonal Fruits

Sitaphal, peru, apple, khurmani and more such winter fruits are full of macronutrients and fibre, and take care of your skin by hydrating it.

6. Til

Sesame seeds can be had as chikki (or gachak), laddoo, chutney and seasoning. Til is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and is good for bones, skin and hair.

7. Peanuts

There is so much you can do with peanuts. Have them as snack, chutney, or include in other recipes like salads and sabzis. Peanuts are rich in proteins, vitamin B, amino acids and polyphenols.

8. Ghee

Cook your meals in ghee or top your dal, rice, roti etc. with it. Ghee is an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals and healthy fats.



Good fats like ghee should be part of your daily diet.

9. White Butter

Use homemade butter to enhance the taste of your foods, including parathas, bhakri, thalipeeth, saag and dals. White butter helps with joint lubrication, skin hydration, and is excellent for load on neck and spine, caused due to work-from-home.

10. Kulith

Pulses like Kulith can be used to make paratha, soup, dal, atta, etc. Kulith is rich in protein, fibre and other nutrients, and is known to prevent kidney stones, and bloating.

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