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Every child is looking for the Superfan Nav Bhatia “Golden Ticket” this Christmas

(photo credit: Colin Mctaggart)

Dec 16, 2020

This past year has been tough for everyone but with Christmas around the corner, what should be the most exciting time for kids, is going not going to be like Christmas mornings of the past.  With Social Distancing, limited travel, and limits on groups, these COVID restrictions are going to prevent a lot of kids from seeing family and friends during this time and most all impact how many gifts they may be getting!

The one morning kids have no trouble waking up early is Christmas morning. The rush down the stairs to open their gifts under the tree. It is a shame they will not have that feeling to the fullest extent like previous years.

So, to help, Superfan Nav Bhatia is giving away hundreds of Golden Tickets on his Instagram @navbhatiasuperfan. For a chance to win you must tag a child or mention their name on Nav Bhatia’s Instagram, this adds them on Nav’s “Nice” list. Friday Dec 18 after 5pm Nav will be selecting the winners of the Golden Tickets. The more the kids have done for their community the better the chance they have to win.

Once the winners of the Golden Ticket are announced they will be able to exchange the Golden Ticket for a special Superfan Prize Pack on Dec 20, 2020 at the First Annual Superfan Golden Ticket Giveaway Drive Through Event.

With the help of Peel Police directing traffic, winners will arrive and remain in their vehicles as they are escorted to the gifting area where Nav and perhaps Santa will be onsite to give the kids their prizes as well as take a few pictures – they might even have a chance to try on the championship ring!

“Our kids are everything to me and it breaks my heart this pandemic is going to damper Christmas for a lot of them, so this is my way of trying to keep their spirits up and smiling as 2020 comes to a close” – Nav Bhatia


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