The lockdown will remain in effect until Jan. 23, although Ford hinted last week that if COVID-19 case numbers don’t come down it could be extended.

The growing number of new cases also prompted the government to extend the closure of in-person learning in the southern part of the province.

Students in southern Ontario won’t return to class until Jan. 25, and will instead participate in virtual learning.

Health officials logged 3,338 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, marking a decrease from the record-breaking 3,945 infections the previous day.

Officials also recorded 29 additional deaths related to the disease, bringing the COVID-19 death toll in Ontario to 5,012.

Meanwhile, Tory repeated on Monday what he has said since December, that Ontario needed to undergo a second full lockdown, similar to what was done in the spring, in order to get COVID-19 spread under control.

“I think we need to go through a period where pretty much everything is closed like the spring. I wasn’t happy but we got through it and it worked because people stayed home because everything was closed.”

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