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Maple Diversity launches inclusivity-led program Diversity Beyond Ethnicity

TORONTO, May 4, 2021 – Maple Diversity Communications Inc.’s newest marketing program, Diversity Beyond Ethnicity, has been envisioned with inclusion and acceptance at its core. With a mission to ‘build inclusivity beyond boundaries’, this program connects brands with diverse consumer groups like the LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, Indigenous Peoples, among others with meaningful advertising, marketing and research solutions.

Market statistics reveal strong opportunities for forward-thinking brands in this space. The vibrant Indigenous community is Canada’s youngest, fastest growing demography at 1.67 million, which can be connected to, through inclusive media touchpoints, digital engagements and sponsorships. Underserved consumers with disabilities, along with family and friends, are the 3rd largest market segment in North America eager to be embraced with accessible, meaningful outreach along the consumer journey. Brands see a 40% higher buyer’s intent, and 66% increase in willingness to recommend, with LGBTQ+ inclusive ads. Diversity Beyond Ethnicity helps brands connect with advertising strategies that are innovative, empathetic and supportive.

These consumer segments are unique in some of their brand preferences, shopping behaviour and media consumption habits. Brands need to understand, engage and communicate distinctively with each of these segments, building inclusiveness, trust and affinity. To help brands successfully identify with these consumer groups and achieve business objectives, Maple Diversity offers a range of services including Research & Insights, Strategy & Planning, Creative & Production, Digital & Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

“Canada’s fabric is getting more vibrant and diverse,” says Niraj Sinha, Chairman & CEO, Maple Diversity Communications. “Today a growing number of consumers want brands to celebrate their uniqueness and adequately represent them in marketing and advertising. With a decade of experience in the multicultural marketing space, Maple Diversity is excited to take diversity and inclusion even further, to embrace all diversity and build inclusivity beyond boundaries.”


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