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Share your feedback on how we pay for water/wastewater services in the future

BRAMPTON, ON (July 8, 2021) – Peel Region is encouraging residents to get engaged in the process as the Region develops its water/wastewater services long-term financial plan.

In this first stage, Peel hopes to get a better understanding of how the community values water and wastewater services, if their current water bills are easy to understand, and what is important to them when thinking about rate options for the future. Citizens can share their feedback at anytime between now and October 8.

Why financial planning is important

Over the next 10 years, Peel will need to invest billions of dollars in the drinking water and wastewater systems to upgrade pumping stations, treatment facilities, and underground pipes. Peel wants to continue to make wise investments in water and wastewater to ensure high-quality and reliable services remain for decades into the future.

Ongoing system maintenance and upgrades are paid for by money collected from water bills. Community input into how Peel could charge for services is an important part of the review process. This will help us ensure we keep rates fair and equitable; we charge in a way that provides good value, and it is connected directly to how different customers use water and wastewater services.

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