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Justin Trudeau and Ruby Sahota Ride the Red Wave In Brampton

Justin Trudeau and Ruby Sahota Ride the Red Wave In Brampton

September 13, 2021 Brampton, ON Campaign Office of Ruby Sahota

Yesterday, Ruby Sahota, your Liberal Candidate for Brampton North, was proud to join Liberal
Leader, Justin Trudeau, on his campaign stop in Brampton at a rally that attracted hundreds of
supporters. Liberals from across Brampton came out in waves and were met with a rallying
speech from Mr. Trudeau and former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, as well as special guests
including former Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion.

“The Liberal Party is the party that always represented the best values of Canada and for me, I
believe that when I see the crowd that I see around me; I see that it is the best example of the
world. We have people who have come from all over the world. They came to Canada because
they knew that it was the land of opportunity, that it was the land of generosity, the land of trust,
the land of sharing, the land of liberty, this is the Liberal Party. This is what Canada is all about.
And that is why I am asking you tonight to ask your friends to vote. To vote for the Liberal
Party. For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”
From Justin Trudeau, Liberal Leader and Prime Minister of Canada:
“Back in 2015 I made a promise to middle class families across the country that we would have
your back and you know what? That’s exactly what we did. In our first years, we lifted a million
people out of poverty while creating a million jobs.”
“When the pandemic fell on all of us around the world there were no off the shelf solutions, so
those of us in government rolled up our sleeves and worked day and night. We built the CERB
and rolled it out across Canada to support families. We created the Wage Subsidy to have
workers’ backs and support small businesses and here in Brampton, the Wage Subsidy helped
Volunteer MBC keep staff on the payroll so they could keep connecting organizations to
volunteers in this crucial time at a time when so many people needed a helping hand.”
“We built these [COVID-19] supports to be there for Canadians; so that businesses and
organizations could keep their doors open, so that people could put food on the table and pay
their rent and mortgages but more than that, so people could stay home and stay healthy. And
you know what that did? It set us up to come roaring back. That’s why today, we’ve recovered
95% of the jobs lost during COVID compared to 76% in the USA. We invested in the healthcare
system in every province and territory to absorb the surge and beat the curve and we made sure
that every single Canadian could get vaccinated and now, we’re leading the world.”
“Of course, in Brampton, I don’t have to tell you what it means it be there for each other. I think
of Brampton’s Sikh community, who continues to step up to help neighbours to make meals and
raise funds. We’re all stronger when we support each other.”
“This is the moment for real leadership and Mr. O’Toole doesn’t lead, he misleads.
Mr. O’Toole has made the choice very clear. We choose building good green jobs for years to
The Liberal red wave in Brampton is growing and together, we will get Ruby Sahota re-elected
for her third term so she can continue to advocate for the issues that matter most to you in
From Ruby Sahota, Your Liberal Candidate For Brampton North
“We need a strong majority. This is a very pivotal time in our country…COVID-19 has tested all of
us. But when we were challenged, we were there for you. We provided supports to business, to
individuals, we had your backs. We did everything we could to make sure that you were going to get
through this.”
“Now we need to pivot. We need to focus on recovery. We need to get those jobs back. We need to
grow our small businesses. We need to grow our GDP. We need to make sure your children have a
secure future, where they can find good, well-paying jobs and afford their future homes. You’ll find
plans for that and much, much more.”
From Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada:
“Politics is very important. Take vaccinations for example…We have done the best out of all the
countries in the world. We have more than 80% of the people vaccinated. We have to
congratulate the government because they did the right thing and we have to keep pushing
because we don’t want to be obliged to go back to the problems we had a year and a half ago
when no one was vaccinated.”

• And at any time, you can come visit our campaign office at 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd,
Unit 100, email our office at, or call us at 905-237-5414

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