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Real life Succession battle plagues Canada’s top wireless firm

The family at the helm of Canada’s biggest wireless provider, Rogers Communications, has descended into civil war. The bitter power struggle is now headed to court.

It was just after 3am on a Sunday, and Martha Rogers couldn’t sleep.

She took to Twitter to agonise about the fate of her father’s eponymous telecoms firm, Rogers, a giant in Canada’s corporate landscape and the centrepiece of their family’s multi-billion dollar dynasty.

“With 24,000 employees and mortgages on the line, it’s not easy,” Ms Rogers wrote.

The company, a C$30bn ($24bn; £17bn) behemoth, is the mobile carrier of nearly 11 million Canadians, with a stake in everything from hockey to cable television. The family name is a staple of the Toronto skyline and is emblazoned across one of Canada’s largest stadiums.

But it has struggled since the death of its founder in 2008, and now, its future has been thrown into question by an epic family feud.

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