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High schools could reopen before elementary schools in Ontario

The Ontario government is determining ways to bring students back to classes safely. There are chances that high school children might return to school prior to students in elementary schools. It is due to high vaccination levels in the students of high schools. 

Further deliberations are yet to be discussed on this topic as nearly two million students want to return to individual classes by January 17.

More than 90% of teenagers have received both their doses of Covid-19 vaccinations, while children aged 5 to 12 are vaccinated about 50%. 

Seeing the frustration in parents and agitation in children, a government source said that “We know that vaccines work, so we’re going to start a high school on January 17 for fully vaccinated students.” Schools can reopen.”

However, the source added, “With primary schools, it could be a bit longer. Parents will be unhappy, but, again, we have to be safe.”

The parents in Ontario are more than frustrated as Ontario children have spent the most time in lockdowns as compared to all other provinces from the last two years. 

Before the sudden surge in cases of Omicron variant, schools were all set to reopen on 5 January. A sudden spike in the cases led the government to put the reopening of schools on hold. 


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