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Ontario issues stricter screening process and COVID-19 guidelines for students

Ontario bars students with sore throats, fever, and flu systems from schools and child-care centers. The new guidelines revealed by the province require children to go through a screening process before entering student buildings. 

Previously, any student experiencing a fever or chills, a loss of taste or smell, continuous cough, shortness of breath, nausea, or diarrhea was only required to be isolated. 

The new guidelines suggest mandating the child and their siblings ( even if they do not experience the symptoms ) to isolate at home and have also added five more symptoms to the screening process. 

Hence, the children will stay home until they get better and only then return to school, and the rules stand regardless of whether a child could get tested. The isolation period could last anywhere from five to 10 days. The age of the child and their vaccination status are also considered. 

However, if the child shows significant recovery for 24 hours and their PCR tests come negative, they are allowed to join their classmates. Two rapid antigen tests taken at an interval of 24 hours are also sufficient. 

In case the child simply has a common cold or flu, they can stay home until they recover and show continuous improvement in 24 hours. This is only characterized by one of the following symptoms – sore throat, a headache,  a runny or stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, extreme tiredness, and muscle or joint pain. 

If not, they are required to follow the COVID-19 guidelines and isolation period, as stated earlier. Children with all doses of the vaccination can return to school five days after the improvement from the symptoms, while others can return after ten days. 


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