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Ontario is hitting all time high record of people with Covid-19 in hospitals

Currently, Ontario is reporting 3,630 people hospitalized with COVID-19 on Thursday, 13 January. 

More than half of the patients were initially admitted to the hospital due to being infected with Covid-19. The other group of patients were originally in the hospital due to other health complications not related to Covid-19 but tested positive later on. 

A total of 3,630 patients are in hospital with COVID-19, up 182 since yesterday. Around 54% of those infected were admitted due to the virus, while 46% were admitted for another reason but tested positive for the illness.

However, the hospitalization rate for people with Covid-19 got an all-time high with up from 2,279 reported last Thursday. 

Talking about the vaccination status of people in the hospital,  698 were unvaccinated, 179 were partially vaccinated, and 1,894 were fully vaccinated. Out of the total patients in the ICU, 165 were unvaccinated while 15 were partially vaccinated, and 181 were fully vaccinated. The officials say that the dataset will improve over time, and they will have a more clear picture of the situation. 

From a demographics perspective, the majority of Ontarians are vaccinated. However, people who are still unvaccinated have high chances of ending up in hospitals or ICUs.

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