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Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Island to continue remote learning

New Brunswick faces renewed and heightened restrictions as emerging Covid cases take their toll on the province’s hospital facilities. In the face of worsening conditions, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island issued home learning guidelines for students and extended them to a minimum of two weeks, considering the latest Covid statistics. 

The authorities in Newfoundland and Labrador are, however, trying to bring back students to schools by January 24, though. The localities have yet been engaged in online education mode. 

The Education Minister Tom Osborne said, “While I know it’s not perfect, it has allowed us to minimize learning loss during these difficult times.” The count of hospitalized COVID 19 patients in Newfoundland and Labrador has reached eight as of this Thursday, while it was just one a day earlier on Wednesday. 

Premier Dennis King said on Thursday, “When we open, we want to do everything we can to stay open. Because we know the starts and stops are even more challenging and troubling.” Prince Edward Island is also dealing with eight patients under hospital care and one in ICU. 

However, Nova Scotia is ready to welcome students back to schools by next Monday, and the province is ready to deal with its education staff shortage. On the other hand, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union president is insisting on remote education so that there is no further risk of COVID exposure. The province already has 59 people under hospitalization, seven of whom are receiving treatment in ICUs

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