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Vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers still in place

OTTAWA- The federal government announced this Thursday that no changes are being made to the incoming policy that forces unvaccinated tuckers crossing America-Canada borders to quarantine as they arrive in Canada. 

This policy is going to be in effect on January 15, but late Wednesday the government stated that it might bow to pressure from opposition parties, businesses, and industries that this requirement will result in serious economic loss. 

However, in a statement on Thursday, January 13, the government said that the previous day’s announcement was a mistake and the requirements are not going to change. 

“Let us be clear: This has not changed. The information shared yesterday was provided in error,” said the statement, sent from the transportation, health, and public safety ministers.

“Our teams have been in touch with industry representatives to ensure they have the correct information.”

The federal government did not give any explanation for the announcement made on Thursday. 

Up to 26,000 out of the 160,000 truckers who travel regularly across borders will be excluded from the new Canadian mandate, as well as a similar one in the United States that begins on Jan. 22.

Canadian Trucking Alliance head Stephen Laskowski told a leading newspaper this week the problem was not the vaccine mandate per se, but the timing of the mandate. 

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