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Canada approves Antiviral Pfizer Paxlovid for COVID treatment

Pfizer is now an approved COVID-19 vaccine in Canada is allowed for usage in adults 19 and older. Now that the pandemic is making rounds again, the Antiviral Paxlovid is helping unload the burden of the country’s ICUs and reducing the risk of death in COVID infections. 

The Paxlovid is a pill vaccine to be administered after a doctor’s prescription. The medicine helps immunity fight against the  SARS-CoV-2 virus, and also helps with infection’s symptoms. The pill is also expected to help against the Omicron COVID variant. 

Various doctors are already impressed by the invention, especially as hospitals are once again overwhelmed by COVID Cases and because the medicine can help with the virus infection. The prescribed pill can also be taken by patients who are undergoing treatment from home as it can be easily self-administered. 

Canada has already ordered one million treatment courses of the vaccine pills, and much of it will reach the country by the end of this month. Pfizer is already on the mission of producing more antiviral pills to be supplied around the world as Omicron is presently threatening to bring back the pandemic in its full swing. 

Dr. Theresa Tam shared, “This treatment, the first treatment taken orally and at home, will be in high demand. We anticipate supply at the beginning will not be great anywhere.”

“They have to be given really early in the course of the clinical course. Not easy, but everybody needs to give it a good try because it could be an important tool going forward,” she added. “It could potentially blunt the severity of the virus, which is a key goal.” However, she also added, “If you’re on certain medications, you have to be careful when using this drug.” 

Hence, doctors will need to stay mindful of the individual patients, their medical histories, and ongoing treatments before prescribing the pills.

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