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Three men in police uniform abducted woman in Wasaga Beach

A woman was abducted last week by three suspects who posed as police in full police gear. The suspects showed a warrant, claiming to have come to arrest the woman, as revealed by the investigators of the Ontario Provincial Police about Wasaga Beach, Ont. abduction. 

Matt Watson, the Ontario Provincial Police Department Inspector revealed that Elnaz Hajtamiri, aged 37 was kidnapped from her home. Last Wednesday, three men in police uniforms, but not real police, showed up at her house. 

The suspects posing as policemen stated that they had come to arrest Hajtamiri. However, the victim tried reaching 911 when she became suspicious of the credibility of the three men, though she was unsuccessful as the men then overpowered her. The false policemen left with the victim in a white SUV, which could have been a Lexus RX as shared by the police Inspector. 

“Her family [members] are very concerned for her safety,” told the Inspector this Tuesday to the reporters in Orillia, Ont. “The OPP is deploying all available resources to help locate Elnaz. We want to bring her home.”

The police force has also set up a tip line that is devoted to gathering any information that anyone could relay about the case and help find Hajtamiri. Police also revealed that Hajtamiri is of a slim body frame, with shoulder-length black hair, and stands five feet three inches tall.  

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