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Recent Bomb Blast in Pakistan, Lahore Kills 3 & wounds 28

On Thursday, a strong bomb blast has happened in a crowded bazaar in Lahore, the second-largest city of Pakistan. The bomb blast has killed a minimum of 3 people so far, and wounded 28 people as per the police and official sources. 

A recently formed separatist group from southwestern Baluchistan province has claimed the responsibility for the blast. 

The blast was so intense that it damaged several shops in the famous area called Anarkali bazaar. On video footage from the scene, victims were screaming for help while motorcycles can be seen burning. The dead and wounded included passersby, shoppers, and store owners.

Abid Khan, a senior police officer, said that the bomb blast resulted in the death of three people. Among the wounded people, many were critically injured and there is a fear that the death toll could increase. 

Abid Khan said that the police are still trying to identify the kind of device used for the blast. An investigation has started underway to know more about the incident. 

The newly formed Balochistan Nationalist Army claimed responsibility for the attack just hours after it occurred. Separatist group the United Baloch Army was established earlier this month after two minor separatist groups merged. Mureed Baloch is the spokesman for the merged group. 

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime minister, condemned the act in his statement and urged the local medical staff to provide the best possible medical help to the victims of the blast.


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