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Toronto Police Department officer alleged of leaking answers in hope of promotion

A high-ranking police officer is under hot water for leaking answers to grow colleagues in the hopes of a promotion. The investigation is being carried out by the Toronto Police Service (TPS). 

The director of corporate communications for the TPS, Allison Sparkes recently confirmed the alleged crime to Global News through an email. She said, “I can confirm that the Service is investigating allegations of impropriety in a recent promotional process.”

The officer continued, “If the matter were to proceed to Tribunal, it would be made public in that process. Should criminal charges arise, those would also be made public by the Service. As of now, it is an ongoing investigation and I’m unable to add anything further at this time.”

The recent promotions held in the Toronto police department consisted of about 120 officers. There are no statistics on the numbers of all the applicants who applied for a promotion. It is usual for the department to only promote about half the number of officers who apply for a promotion. 

The process for the promotions began last year in September. The process begins with interested officers submitting an application, applying for a promotion, to their supervisors. The applicants are then graded on their capability and prowess.

The candidates that passed the scoring were then allowed to sit for an online exam held last year in November. Officers are expected to achieve at least 85 percent or higher in the test. Then they are to follow with an interview held in a room holding an interview panel. The panel consists of the staff superintendent, a superintendent, and an inspector.

The candidates who passed these interviews received the happy news in time for holidays in December.

The scandal is yet under investigation and no charges are made against any of the officers.

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