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India at150th & Canada 19th Place In World Press Freedom Ranking

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India has fallen down to 150th position in the World Press Freedom ranking, more 8 places down from its last year’s 142nd rank out of 180 countries.

Pakistan is at 157th position, Sri Lanka 146th and Bangladesh 162nd, according to the report released by Reporters Without Borders

Nepal has climbed up by 30 points in the global ranking at 76th position. Last year, it was at 106th position.

Norway (1st) Denmark (2nd), Sweden (3rd) Estonia (4th) and Finland (5th) were the top five countries.

North Korea remained at the bottom of the list of the 180 countries.

Russia was placed at 155th position, down from 150th last year, while China climbed up by two positions with the Reporters Without Borders placing it at 175th position.

Reporters Without Borders and nine other human rights organisations have asked Indian authorities to stop targeting journalists and online critics for their work.

“More specifically, they should stop prosecuting them under counterterrorism and sedition laws,” it added.

“The authorities’ targeting of journalists coupled with a broader crackdown on dissent has emboldened Hindu nationalists to threaten, harass and abuse journalists critical of the Indian government, both online and offline, with impunity,” it said.

Canada was at number 14 in 2021 but fallen down to number 19 in the 2022 ranking. More than 80 per cent of Canadian media is owned by just five corporations.

Although the majority of Canadians still say that they have some trust in media institutions, overall trust in media has declined recently in Canada.

While journalists are typically safe to do their jobs in Canada, reporters covering the 2022 Freedom Convoy to protest vaccine mandates received death threats, were spat on, and were verbally and physically harassed.

United States, once considered a model for press freedom and free speech, press freedom violations are increasing at a troubling rate and places at No. 42 while France (No. 26) and the United Kingdom is at No. 24.

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