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Toronto to Debate on Legalizing Drinking Liquor in Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Councillors in Toronto are again going to debate the topic of lifting the ban on public drinking and outdoor drinking during a council meeting this week.
Coun. Josh Matlow tabled this motion by proposing a pilot through the 2022 Summer that would allow people to drink in Toronto public parks and beaches with toilet facilities between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. If passed, this approval would run from May 21 to Oct. 31, 2022.

Councillor Josh Matlow says he is surprised that in such an age and city as Toronto, it is banned to have a drink together while having a picnic. Drinking outdoors is allowed and legal in major European cities such as Berlin and London.

Matlow’s motion further specifies the specifications of drinks that would be allowed in parks. It specifies it should be of 15 per cent ABV or less, which means even when the motion is passed, liquor will still be banned.

The motion also urges the availability of more garbage and recycling bins to be added in the parks and at the beaches.

However, the councillor addressed the issue of bad behaviour and said that he is already concerned about it. But he says that these issues are already covered by existing rules.
“My motion doesn’t change the rules when it comes to drunk and disorderly behaviour — you’re not allowed to do that. You shouldn’t be littering, you shouldn’t be behaving badly,” said the councillor.

Published by:
Harwinder Kaur 

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