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28 guns found in Toronto hotel room after hotel’s cleaning staff alerted Police

These guns were 100 percent destined for our streets in Toronto.

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Authorities report that a Toronto hotel’s cleaning staff alerted the police last week after stumbling upon three firearms within a guest’s room. This initial discovery prompted a subsequent investigation that yielded the recovery of over 25 additional guns from the same room.

According to the Toronto Police, the incident unfolded on August 21st at approximately 3 p.m. in the vicinity of Don Mills and York Mills roads. The hotel’s staff contacted law enforcement after encountering three guns while performing routine cleaning duties in a guest room.

Upon receiving the report, officers promptly arrived at the hotel, located the firearms, and secured the room. Subsequently, a search warrant was obtained and executed on the same day, recovering an additional cache of 25 firearms, mainly prohibited and restricted handguns, including Glocks.

Addressing the media during a press conference on Monday, Toronto Police Superintendent Steve Watts emphasized the gravity of the situation. He highlighted that the illicit possession of firearms continues to be a pressing public safety concern, especially given the potential for gun violence within the city.

Supt. Watts presented the seized firearms during the press conference, stating, “The vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by people who are unlawfully in possession of illegal crime guns that you see before you. These guns were 100 percent destined for our streets in Toronto. And as a result of this seizure, they cannot be used to take someone else’s life and severely injured and maim people.”

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The superintendent underscored the significance of the seizure, noting that thus far in 2023, the Toronto Police have confiscated 382 “crime guns.” Furthermore, across the entire province of Ontario, law enforcement has seized 1,301 firearms related to criminal activities.

Supt. Watts mentioned that the investigation is ongoing, and preliminary findings suggest that some firearms can be traced back to the southern United States. Responding to queries about cross-border firearm trafficking, Watts acknowledged the challenges posed by the extensive and relatively undefended border between Canada and the U.S. He expressed confidence in the collaborative efforts between Canadian and American law enforcement agencies to address this issue.

Watts conveyed gratitude to the vigilant hotel employees who reported the firearms, emphasizing the crucial role that public cooperation plays in law enforcement efforts.

A 30-year-old man from Ottawa was subsequently apprehended in connection with the incident. He now faces an array of charges, including 28 counts of possessing restricted or prohibited firearms without a valid license, 28 counts of possessing such firearms knowingly without a license, 28 counts of careless firearm storage, 22 counts of possessing prohibited devices, 28 counts of knowingly possessing firearms for transfer, as well as charges related to possessing a firearm with an altered serial number and failing to comply with a release order.

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