5 Million Bees Fall Off Truck in Burlington, Police Advises to be Cautious

Bee Containment Underway: Millions of Bees Disrupt Traffic in Burlington

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Efforts are underway by the Halton Regional Police to manage a remarkable situation that unfolded in Burlington on Wednesday morning—millions of bees spilled onto the roadway after a truck transporting them experienced an unexpected mishap.

Police at the scene
Police at the scene

The incident occurred on Guelph Line, situated north of Dundas Street. A pickup truck carrying numerous boxes of bees on a flatbed trailer suffered a spill, prompting a flurry of activity to contain the insects.

Swiftly responding to the scene, officers have urged drivers passing through the area to keep their vehicle windows closed to prevent any bee-related encounters. Aerial footage of the location depicted individuals clad in protective beekeeping gear diligently placing dozens of crates back onto the trailer, in a bid to restore order.

Halton Regional Police have disclosed that approximately five million bees were being transported by the pickup truck. The situation has prompted a concerted response from local beekeepers, who have rallied to lend their assistance in the effort to rectify the situation.

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In a social media post, law enforcement conveyed their appreciation for the swift and extensive support from the beekeeping community: “Thanks to the overwhelming response from beekeepers coming to help, we expect the scene to be clear in approx. 30 (minutes). The majority of the bees have been safely collected and crates will be hauled away.”

As the intricate process of bee retrieval and containment unfolds, pedestrians have been advised to steer clear of the affected vicinity until the situation is effectively resolved. The combined efforts of law enforcement and beekeepers strive to ensure the safety of both the insects and the local community, underlining the unforeseen challenges that can emerge on an ordinary morning in Burlington.

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