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Covid-19 Canada: Highlights from today’s speech of the throne

In today’s speech from the throne, the Liberal government laid out the plan to face the second wave of Covid-19 by supporting Canadians and businesses in order to boost the economy of the nation.

Here are the highlights of the throne speech delivered by Government General Julie Payette: 

The Liberals will be supporting the provinces to increase the Covid-19 testing capacities in order to avoid lines for hours. The testing team will focus on providing tests in remote and isolated communities of Canada. Government General Julie thanked the Canadians for doing their part by wearing masks. The government will continue to provide personal protective equipment by building domestic production capacity and securing supply chains internationally.

The government has decided to offer financial support to small businesses that will unfortunately shut down due to a local public health decision. In order to overcome the burden of Pandemic, the broader Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy will be extended next summer for small businesses.

A Canada Recovery Benefit will be given again to those who don’t qualify for Employment insurance system that will replace the Canada Emergency Response Benefit by the end of September.

The Liberal government in today’s speech has promised to take steps to ensure that criminal justice will be used to keep people safe especially Black Canadians and Indigenous people are over represented in the criminal justice system. The government will be dealing with more economic support for specific communities and diversity in public procurement.

Apart from Economic Support, the government will be offering a Canadian Disability Benefit that will include an employment strategy and a better process to determine eligibility for government disability programs and benefits.

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