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Doug Ford announces easing of restrictions by Jan. 31

By the end of January, many of the Omicron restrictions will be lifted. The easing process is going to take place in three-week stages so that the most contagious strain of COVID-19, the Omicron variant, does not spread again. 

Restrictions on indoor dining, gyms and cinema halls are expected to end on January 31. These places will reopen with the previous policy of 50% capacity. Doug Ford gave this statement on Thursday as the province has been able to cope with the hospitalization cases in well manner.

As the fast-moving Omicron variant peaks after sweeping through the province since it was discovered in late November, there are signs that COVID-19 infection rates may be easing.

In response, Queen’s Park has outlined a gradual reopening schedule, with additional prohibitions being lifted on Feb. 21 and March 14.

Local and regional public health units can implement local and regional responses based on the local context and conditions to manage COVID-19 over the long term.

“The evidence tells us that the measures we put in place to blunt the transmission of Omicron are working,” said Ford.

“We can be confident that the worst is behind us and that we are now in a position to cautiously and gradually ease public health measures. While February will continue to present its own challenges, given current trends these are challenges we are confident we can manage.”