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YouTube channel, websites spreading false propganda against India will be blocked

The Information and Broadcasting Minister of India, Anurag Thakur, led the blocking of 20 Youtube channels and two websites on the charges that they were spreading fake news. Days after blocking these means of media, the minister said that the government will further take action against websites that were keen on “hatching conspiracy” against India.

Mr. Thakur recently shared his views about the issue with reporters, where he said, “I had ordered for action against them.… I am happy that many big countries across the world took cognizance of it. YouTube also came forward and took action to block them.” 

The statement comes after about a month, when with “closely coordinated” measures, the Information and Broadcasting ministry of India had taken strict action against 20 channels and two websites for spreading anti-national news. The websites were said to have formed “a coordinated disinformation network” with its base in Pakistan. The websites and the channels posted content relating to highly controversial issues like that of the Ram Mandir and Kashmir. 

The minister declared, “And in future also, action will be taken to block any such account hatching conspiracy against India, spreading lies and dividing the society,” the minister asserted.