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22 Robberies With Guns In Brampton And Mississauga Over Past Month, 56 Incidents In Total

Over the past month, an average of at least one robbery per day has been reported in these cities.

Crime continues to be a pressing issue in Mississauga and Brampton, with armed robberies posing a persistent and widespread threat to the communities.

Peel Regional Police data from February 21 to March 23 reveals a total of 56 reported robberies across Mississauga and Brampton, with 27 incidents in Mississauga and 29 in Brampton.

Over the past month, an average of at least one robbery per day has been reported in these cities.

Of these incidents, 22 involved firearms, 15 other weapons, and 19 were categorized as “other” by authorities. Presently, 20 cases have been resolved, leaving 36 under ongoing investigation.

February witnessed a noticeable surge in robberies, with 51 reported incidents, marking a 24% increase from January. This trend persisted into March, with 56 reported cases, reflecting a 9.8% rise from the previous month.

This steady escalation in robberies each month presents a substantial challenge for the region, prompting apprehension among residents.

According to Peel Regional Police data, key hotspots for these crimes in March included City Centre Drive, Dundas Street, Goreway Drive, and Kennedy Road.

In comparison to the same period last year, when only one robbery was reported, this year’s statistics depict a stark contrast.

A notable recent case involved a home invasion in Brampton, where four suspects forcefully entered a residence, demanding money and valuables from the occupants.

Although businesses typically bear the brunt of these crimes, incidents of violent armed robberies have occurred in residential settings and during vehicle thefts.

Peel Regional Police offer safety guidance to residents and businesses to mitigate the risk of robberies, including installing functional surveillance systems, maintaining adequate lighting, conducting robbery prevention training for staff, minimizing cash on hand, and optimizing store layouts for improved visibility.

In the event of a robbery, victims are urged to promptly contact law enforcement authorities.

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