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3 Pakistani Drones spotted by BSF in Ferozpur

by The Canadian Parvasi

BSP troops at the Jagdish border post in Punjab’s Ferozpur spotted three drones attempting to fly into Indian territory Tuesday night.

BSF’s 136 Battalion deployed in the area spotted and shot at the first drone at around 9:50 pm. At around 10:10 pm the drone reportedly went back to Pakistani territory.

A second drone was spotted at 10:42 pm, towards which the BSP battalion fired 22 rounds and directed 6 illuminating bombs. At 10:55 pm, the drone also supposedly went back to Pakistani territory.

A third and final drone was observed by BSP personnel at around 11:23 pm. The BSF successfully shot down the third drone using 57 rounds and three illuminating bombs as the said drone failed to return to Pakistani territory.

“During a search after first light in the concerned area, BSF troops along with Punjab Police recovered a Hexa-Copter or drone that had been brought down due to firing by BSF troops,” informed BSF in a statement.

Security forces had previously nabbed various AK series assault rifles, pistols, MP4 carbines, carbine magazines, high explosive grenades, and narcotics from drones flying from Pakistan into Indian territory.