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Aayushi Murder Case: Father Arrested for Shooting Daughter, Mother and Brother Knew

Aayushi Yadav, a 22-year-old girl whose body was found in a suitcase in Uttar Pradesh was killed by her father, police have said. The victim was living in Modband village in Delhi and was married to a man her father did not approve of. The police also shared that the mother and brother of the victim knew the father was behind her murder.

On November 17, Nitesh Yadav became so enraged that he shot his daughter Aayushi. He was angry at her because “she had “gone out for some days” without informing him. The victim had also married a man named Chhatrapal from another caste without telling her parents. Nitesh also said she used to often stay out late at night. After shooting her with his licensed gun, he wrapped her body in plastic and stuffed it in a suitcase. He then dumped the suitcase in Mathura near Raya cut on the Yamuna Expressway service lane, according to the police.

The suitcase was later found, and the body was identified as Aayushi Yadav. There were marks from injuries all over her body and blood on the face and head, the police said. They traced phones, used social media, put up posters, and checked CCTV footage. However, an anonymous call gave them the information they were looking for after which her mother and brother identified her through photographs.

The father was then called to identify the body and was arrested. The police state that the mother and brother also knew that the father had killed Aayushi.

The Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) issues a notice to Mathura police asking for copies of the FIR as well as the autopsy report. They also want details of the accused by November 24. They want to know if the family filed a missing person complaint when their daughter was away from home.

This case comes right off the heels of another bone-chilling murder case in the capital of Shradha Walkar whose body parts are still being searched for. She was murdered by her live-in partner and then cut up into 35 pieces that were spread in the Mehrauli forest and nearby areas.

Vineet Washington
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